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Monday, January 16, 2012


I'm alive I'm free at last
Sadness was of the past
I feel oh so good yes
You can say I am blessed
You can see joy in my eyes
I'm free at last I'm alive

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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Everything Hub

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Dream Of Heaven

 I often dream of a place far beyond the constraints of this world
A place where hurt and sorrow cannot reach a place of extreme beauty
God is the maker and owner and Jesus Christ is the king, a perfect king
I dream of heaven which is the forever sunshine coming after the rain
God’s children that were on the earth find their final resting place there
I asked Jesus to show me this place, but I guess I need to wait patiently
With a smile he shook his head no, there are more things he wants me to do
One day I will no longer battle my flesh trying to kill what wraps my bones
The murders of innocent children of all ages will be as a bad memory
Mothers will not grieve longing for their children and children's fathers
My heart needs to be projected on screen before my life is all finished
God put precious information and truths in my heart that I must uncover
That spiritual paradise is a place where there is not a need for questions
More room is made for the Glory of God and the reciprocation of love
My heart aches when a body dies here because I don’t know the outcome
If they gave their life to Jesus then all will be well in eternal existence
But only the Lord is the one who is able to able to Judge and dispute
I hear that people worship the universe but the universe cannot create
The universe cannot love or forgive no more than wealth or fame
I only fear death because of my loved ones here on this earth
My children will one day see God’s home after their sun sets
Streets of gold, mansions, singing flowers, angels are always praising
Sometimes this earth makes me want to scream and shed blood
But that won’t solve anything I can’t repay evil with evil
I do hope that one day we will be together forever in paradise.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Dangerous Desire

You place your hands around me I know what comes next
The sound of thunder escapes my mouth again and again
It feels good when you squeeze me but the guilt is strong
Am I your favorite?  Do I instill in you such adrenaline?
Are you ashamed of me? You keep me as a wicked secret
I’m hot for you and I apologize for the marks I left
You use me! But I was made to make mean men scream!
My purpose could be your death but you need me
What would you do without me? I give you options
Men tremble when I yell for my scorn shall scour
Feed me my love and I’ll show you burning desire
Pull my hair back each time you want me to shout
In the palm of your hand you are my true master
For you I am a slave ready and able to do your bidding
In your sleep you toss and turn covered in cold sweat
When you’re scared you hold me and you acquire comfort
If you leave me there is another man waiting for my love
My last lover stood by me all the way to his violent death
You need me as much as I need you we are interwoven together
You know what triggers me; I need you to make me explode
I’m a Gamble with Unjust Nonsense I am your only gun

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love's Symphony

The beat of my heart is the tempo of your melody
I fall victim to passionate chords in tune with happiness
The rhythm moves me in ways that mimic the angels
Past melodies have left my ears cripple with heartbreak
We dance to the chorus of God’s song as Jesus sings
We have become woven together in a fabulous arrangement
I am serenaded by our passion filled moments my soul weeps joy
The bridge is where we make love uniting great collaboration
My darling my darling you have no mercy on melodic ecstasy
Well aren’t you quite a prodigy with your percussion progression
Without you I would be a mere thought of a song never played
Without you my strings would remain out of tune with reality
Each time we do this, playing our hearts out giving an encore

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday


Happy birthday I brought you a stinking cake

  • Go ahead and eat it and you’ll see it’s fake

  • Your present is right here do you like beef?

  • I also got what you wanted your two front teeth

  • The candles on the cake are really explosives
  • Blow them out fast or kaboom you know this

  • I wouldn’t be so mean but you forgot my birthday

  • So today I need to get you back in the worst way

  • All the drinks in your fridge are filled with laxative

  • You’ll really be running just like an active kid

  • Yo mama is in it too she even game me a blueprint

  • I gave her a glass of prune juice along with a compliment

  • Maybe I’m too harsh but you’re cheap and you owe me money

  • But I still love you, here’s your present Happy Birthday ya big dummy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Refrigerator

My refrigerator preserves the electric essence of my life
Pictures held by magnets on the outside hold precious memories
In the freezer are frozen foods that I will separate with a knife
In the bottom are leftovers that resemble life’s many mysteries
My sad memories are the spoiled foods that must be discarded
My mama told me never ever to cry over liters of spilled milk
How do I dry the gallons of tears spilled since my life started?
The ice cream is a close friend that comforts me like skin in silk
The butter in the door is the condiment that made my bitterness sweet
The light in the back symbolizes my recognition of life’s edible happiness
Anticipation of the savory things appears when I thaw out tasty meats
The fresh fruit in the crisper drawer are my successes that easily digest
One day my refrigerator may die and it will have to escape from my kitchen
I thank God for all the fulfilling foods and for giving me room that my life fits in

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